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JP MEHANDI ART is passion for Jay Prakash. Jay Prakash is expertise in mehandi designing and having 16 years of experience. JP MEHANDI ART is known for its quality mehandi design. His work is finest in the town. He is in this occupation since 2002. A great experience works for every client. He has always new design So We prepare our mehandi by using Natural Ingredients.It has provided service to Cricketer Kapil Dev's Daughter Birthday Ceremony and JP MEHANDI ART Received International Excellence Award in 2017 for its Quality and Best Mehandi Design in Gurugaon

For over five thousand years henna has been a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. The plant has been associated with positive vibes and provides a link to an ancient age full of good spirits, Baraka and Jnoun. For generations women have used the paste made primarily of dried ground henna leaves to cover their hands and feet with designs ranging from simple blobs to intricate geometric patterns designed to ward off evil, promote fertility and attract good energy.

The dye used to create the beautiful designs you see in the images, is made from dried, ground henna leaves and various other ingredients, which you can investigate further on my recipe page.

Mehandi in Indian tradition is typically applied during weddings and special festivals like Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Bhai Dooj andVat Purnima. Many women have henna applied to their hands and feet and sometimes on the back of their shoulders. Men too have it applied on their arms, legs, back, and chest. For women, it is usually drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, where the design will be clearest due to contrast with the lighter skin on these surfaces, which naturally contain less of the pigment melanin. Henna was originally used as a form of decoration mainly for Hindu brides. Muslims of Indian subcontinent also apply Mendi during their festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

JP Mehandi Artist Gurgaon has worked all over Delhi NCR